Covid-19 - We are currently taking orders!

We are currently taking orders! please order through the order line where possible . We are doing everything in our power, working within the current government guidelines to work as safely and effectively as we can.

In these strange times we are continuing working, but with reduced staff levels so jobs will take a bit longer than our usual turnaround.Please bare with us as we aim to get back to normal as soon as possible.

For all board erection queries of existing orders please contact;

Lawrence on 07852 453 333 or Laurie on 

For 5x4 Smaller bespoke boards, please contact Shaun Day - 01493 740651 

For prices on banners, hoardings and larger boards please contact Phil Langdell - 07739 200250 

For any queires regarding invoices, please contact Shaun Day on 01493 740651 

Thank you and we wish all to remain safe and well.

Daylight Signs Customer Service Team