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Estate Agent Boards

Nifty-50 Deal

Our Daylight-Signs Nifty-50 deal offers a great value for all your agent-board requirements. Also available in packages of 25, 75 and 100 quantities, this bundle-deal provides everything your business needs for your next property marketing campaign!


T-Boards are produced using two sheets of 4mm correx, the edges of which are heat welded together for maximum durability & quality with a 2×2 8ft painted post through the centre of the board. Boards are pre-drilled to enable slips and post fixings.

Shaped Boards

Shaped boards are created using a die-cut process – this process involves creating a moulding to form the required shape and then the cutting process delivers the final Shaped board. The boards will be pre drilled to enable slip and post fixings.


We offer a complete hoarding manufacturing service or the manufacturing of marketing panels to fix onto existing structures.

Flag Boards

Flag boards are produced using a 6mm heavyweight correx. Boards will be printed double sided with a slot made to the side of the post for the board to slide into resulting in a flag visual. The boards will be pre drilled to enable slip and post fixings.

Mini-V Boards

Perfect for terraced houses or a 1st floor flat or room rental. Our mini-v-boards require no batons for fixing. The boards are printed on a single sheet, scored down the centre to create the v-shape and have tabs either side of the board for fixing to the property.

Full-Colour Picture Boards

Full colour/picture boards draw the attention of the public. Daylight Signs’ high visibility and quality printing keeps you one step ahead of the competition. Here are examples of our clientele using full colour / picture boards for their marketing.

Sponsorship / Fete Slips

Sponsorship slips create brand awareness & show you support the local community. Whether a school fete, festival or charity; we produce sponsorship slips for your boards which get the attention of the community. Here are a some examples.

QR Codes

QR Codes allow your signs to instantly deliver a variety of information to the client with a simple scan of their Smartphone. Include map references, web-links, email details, contact information and much more with your signs & displays!

Design Service

Our highly skilled in-house design team have over 40 years experience in designing high-quality visibility estate signage. Our team are fully trained in the latest computer aided design software and their designs/ideas can be seen throughout the UK.

Free digital images of all completed/erected orders

We provide free digital images of all your completed/erected commercial boards taken in situ & delivered direct to your email box.

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